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Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order Mandating Audit of NJ Transit


Summit – Standing in the Summit Train Station on the Morris & Essex Lines of NJ Transit, Governor Phil Murphy today signed an executive order mandating a full-scale audit of the beleaguered mass transit agency, the first step at rebuilding customer trust in the system that carries hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans to and from work every day.

“I have made it clear that we will not accept business as usual at NJ Transit. Today, we begin the process of rebuilding the agency from the ground up,” Governor Murphy said. “The public deserves a true accounting for how this once-model agency has fallen so far, so fast — as do those of us in government, with the ultimate responsibility for this system, who have largely been kept in the dark. Commuters cannot be left waiting for answers. And, neither will I.”

The audit will include a review of NJ Transit’s finances, leadership structure, hiring process, and customer service. It will also examine the agency’s relationship with Amtrak and its implementation of Positive Train Control, a system designed to prevent collisions and derailments by automatically stopping trains before certain accidents can occur.

“New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation, situated between two of the largest urban areas. At the very least, we have to be able to get mass transit right,” Governor Murphy said. "We need to get our transportation running smoothly and make sure that people can get around our state and get to and from work without worrying about a train derailment or delay. NJ Transit was once a world-class transportation agency, and I will not rest until it is world-class again. We must get it where it needs to be to ensure the economic success of our state.”

Governor Murphy’s Executive Order calls for the audit to be completed as expeditiously as possible.

The Morris & Essex Lines was heavily impacted by last year’s “Summer of Hell,” with commuters rerouted to Hoboken Station, disrupting riders and leading to longer commute times. In December 2017, NJ Transit reported that nearly 12 percent of rush-hour trains along the line were late.

Governor Murphy’s Executive Order #5