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Murphy Administration Releases Total State Cost of Contract Settlement with the Communication Workers of America, AFL-CIO


Trenton - Today, the Murphy Administration released the total projected state cost of its recent contract settlement with the Communication Workers of America, AFL-CIO:

  • The total projected state cost of the contract is approximately $148.9 million.
  • Of this total, $78 million is related to the unprecedented suspension of step increments and clothing allowances by the Christie Administration dating back to FY 2016.
  • A fiscal year breakdown of the projected costs may be found below. Retroactive payouts for FY 2016 and FY 2017 are assumed in the Fiscal Year 2018 adjusted appropriation

FY Payout      Total  

FY16 Retro              $24.0 million 
FY17 Retro              $34.7 million 

FY18 Retro              $41.4 million 

FY 19 Projected       $48.8 million

Grand Total           $148.9 million       

Because of the duration of the retroactivity and the details of the contract negotiations, final totals will not be available until programming is completed.