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Murphy Administration Moves Forward to Fully and Fairly Fund New Jersey’s Public Schools


From the New Jersey Department of Education: 

More Equitable Funding Distribution Reflects Changes Established by FY 2019 Budget Agreement

TRENTON – Taking significant steps to begin the process of fully and fairly funding New Jersey school districts, the Murphy Administration today released new school funding distribution totals based on increased appropriations and modernizations made to the school funding formula. In total, almost $8.5 billion will be disbursed to the state’s 577 school districts, including an additional $68 million to bring aid in balance for underfunded districts.

“A stronger, fairer New Jersey means making sure that New Jersey’s schools are receiving the funds they need to advance academic excellence for our students,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “After years of neglect, we are turning the page to bring a balanced approach to school aid by removing the growth cap on funding increases and finally beginning the process of fully implementing the state's school funding formula established in 2008. "

Nearly every district in the state will receive at least 58 percent of the full uncapped aid as calculated according to the School Funding Reform Act (SFRA). Compared to FY 2018, an additional $351 million in K-12 school aid will be allocated to 391 districts. Another $32 million will be redistributed from 172 districts receiving more than their uncapped aid amounts to those districts that are underfunded.

"By providing additional resources to districts that have been significantly underfunded, this budget starts a path toward the Governor’s goal of a stronger and fairer school funding structure,” said Education Commissioner Lamont O. Repollet.

The District and school funding totals can be found on the NJDOE’s State Aid Summaries webpage.

The Governor’s FY 2019 budget also includes the largest increase in preschool funding in more than a decade, totaling $688 million, $32.6 million over FY 2018 to support existing preschool programs. In addition, Governor Murphy’s commitment to expanding access to preschool includes a total of $50 million to fund high quality new preschool seats in districts ready to grow their programs. 

Other education initiatives in the FY 2019 budget include:

  • $195 million in extraordinary special education aid that is provided through an application process to reimburse districts for eligible high-cost special education services;
  • $5.4 million for the nonpublic technology initiative, an increase of $2.4 million;
  • $2 million in funding for a new Secondary School Computer Science Education Initiative, which will be used to support approved applications for the expansion and support of advanced computer science course offerings;
  • $400,000 for STEM Dual Enrollment and Early College High Schools; and 
  • $750,000 for a new High Poverty School District Minority Teacher Recruitment Program.