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New Jersey Environmental Stakeholders, Advocates Applaud Board of Public Utilities (BPU) Opening of Largest Single-State Offshore Wind Solicitation in the Country


“Governor Murphy’s leadership is clearing the path to make New Jersey an engine for growth in the clean energy economy. This groundbreaking decision will give the state an edge to dive into an abundant clean energy resource, creating more jobs and cutting harmful pollution.” –Mary Barber, Director, New Jersey Clean Energy

“We are very pleased that Governor Murphy has asked the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) to initiate the process that will open solicitations for 1,100 MW of offshore wind in New Jersey today. This swift action once again demonstrates the Governor’s ongoing leadership and support of offshore wind in New Jersey. It is exciting to see New Jersey setting forth ambitious, yet achievable offshore wind energy goals. As the developer of the most advanced utility-scale offshore wind project in the state, we look forward to working with Governor Murphy and the NJBPU, who are committed to bringing this clean, renewable energy source to New Jersey while growing the economy and creating jobs.” –Thomas Brostrøm, President, Ørsted North America 

“Governor Murphy has set one of the nation’s most ambitious goals for the deployment of clean energy. With this action today, New Jersey is showing that it’s serious about making that goal a reality. Offshore wind has enormous potential for the Garden State, promising economic benefits, innovative job opportunities and much-needed reductions of carbon and other harmful pollutants.  New Jersey can and should develop its rich offshore wind resource hand-in-hand with protecting our ocean and wildlife and we look forward to working with the Murphy administration to realize that vision.” – Dale Byrk, Senior Attorney, Eastern Region, Climate & Energy Program with NRDC 

“We applaud Governor Murphy’s announcement today that New Jersey is on course to reach its goal of 3,500MW of offshore wind energy capacity by 2030. Responsible offshore wind development can translate into expansive job creation which must go beyond construction and operation. As New Jersey looks to green light offshore wind projects, preference should be given to sourcing materials in New Jersey or regionally to bolster manufacturing jobs and grow our local economy with good paying jobs.” – Debra Coyle McFadden, Acting Executive Director, Work Environment Council

“Recreational anglers understand that responsibly developed offshore wind power can reduce pollution that's harming fishing. Creating underwater habitat that attracts gamefish and holds them off New Jerseys coast longer. Anglers need guaranteed fishing access to the turbine hotspots. Developers and government agencies need to commit to monitoring fisheries impacts before during and after construction. We look forward to working with the recreational community to explore specific turbine siting selection in the near future.” –Captain Paul Eidman, New Jersey Representative, Anglers for Offshore Wind

“Gov. Murphy has set a bold but achievable timeline for powering New Jersey’s communities and economy with clean offshore wind energy. With the technology proven, prices falling, and the climate and pollution threat of fossil fuels more clear than ever, the time has come for aggressive action on offshore wind power. We look forward to working with the Murphy administration to ensure that all projects built to power New Jersey are developed responsibly with the highest standards of wildlife protection in place every step of the way.” –Curtis Fisher, Northeast Regional Director for the National Wildlife Federation

“After years of unnecessary delay, Governor Murphy is leading New Jersey on a path to clean energy. Anglers across New Jersey, especially along the shore, want to be full partners with the Murphy Administration on responsible offshore wind development.  We need to move forward now to protect New Jersey’s precious marine ecosystem that provides amazing fishing opportunities.” –Tom Fote, Legislative Director, Jersey Coast Anglers Association

"We applaud the Murphy Administration for taking bold action to make New Jersey a national leader on environmentally responsible offshore wind development.  We need a rapid transition away from polluting fossil fuels to clean, safe, renewable energy like offshore wind that will reduce harmful emissions and create thousands of good, local jobs.” –Tom Gilbert, Campaign Director NJ Conservation Foundation & Rethink Energy

“Today’s decision by the Board of Public Utilities demonstrates that the future of clean energy is here and now. It is poetic justice that Governor Murphy’s aggressive steps to advance offshore wind happens to be on the same day that the dirty, dangerous Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant is closing permanently. This demonstrates we can phase out dirty energy and ramp up clean renewables.” –Amy Goldsmith, State Director, Clean Water Action

“Offshore wind development is indispensable in the fight against climate change and air pollution, and can be done in a way that benefits workers and communities and protects fragile ecosystems. The administration’s new commitment to offshore wind is an important step in the right direction.” - The Rev. Fletcher Harper, Executive Director, Greenfaith

“The impacts of climate change require us to be bold in our development of offshore wind energy while at the same time protecting our marine ecosystems, which are made vulnerable by an everchanging ocean. New Jersey has the opportunity to show that it can successfully thread the needle between protecting our marine habitats and responsibly siting offshore wind through smart ocean planning.” – Helen Henderson, Ocean Program Manager for the American Littoral Society

“Building the 21st century economy begins today thanks to action taken by the BPU at the direction of Governor Phil Murphy. Today, we can show the nation that there is a path to major economic benefit and good quality jobs by investing in sustainable energy generation. We look forward to working alongside the administration in order to shape a brighter future.” – Mark Longo, Director, Engineers Labor-Employer Cooperative

"Offshore wind is moving forward in New Jersey, and that's great. We look forward to continuing to work with the Board on planning  transmission that will connect offshore wind and also make the grid more efficient and resilient.  Unbundling transmission from wind generation prevents any one company from having a monopoly on New Jersey’s ambitious wind energy program and leads to lower prices for consumers.  Increased competition will keep more money in the pockets of New Jersey's ratepayers." – Markian Melnyk, President of Atlantic Grid Development

“We’re facing rising seas, intensifying storms, and unprecedented health threats because we’ve relied so long on dirty energy sources.  But sitting right here next to us is the Atlantic Ocean, and offshore wind can provide a massive source of clean, renewable energy. Under Gov. Murphy’s Administration, New Jersey is jumpstarting our offshore wind industry by making bold pledges – and then working to achieve them. We have seen a breakneck pace at the BPU to move forward with offshore wind after the inertia of the Christie era, and it couldn’t be more welcome.” – Doug O’Malley, Director of Environment NJ

“This is major step in making New Jersey the national and global leader in clean energy we ought to be. As a concerned citizen of this great state, I couldn’t be happier with BPU’s decision to implement this game-changing initiative. Climate change is a real, serious threat, and it is one we must tackle head-on if we hope to leave an inhabitable planet to our children." - Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin, Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee Chair

“Thanks to the BPU vote today, New Jersey is one giant step closer to becoming the greenest state in America. Offshore wind is a renewable energy that reduces pollution and creates good local jobs. There is no time to waste in order to achieve the Governor’s goal of 100% clean energy by 2050, and the BPU is working hard to ensure New Jersey is fully taking advantage of its offshore wind potential.” -Ed Potosnak, Executive Director, New Jersey League of Conservation Voters

“New Jersey Audubon is excited that the BPU is continuing the process to bring responsibly developed offshore wind to our state. We look forward to continuing our work with the administration to ensure New Jersey is taking all possible actions to fight climate change and sea level rise, while also respecting and protecting wildlife and habitat.” –Eric Stiles, President & CEO of New Jersey Audubon