Governor Phil Murphy

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Statement from Governor Murphy on the One-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Maria


“One year ago today, Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, upending lives with the same ease with which it destroyed homes and crippled infrastructure. Tens of thousands came to New Jersey seeking refuge in the aftermath, as hurricane relief from our state found its way to Puerto Rico. Now, one year later, we have to ask how much has really changed for the island and its people. New Jersey continues to open our arms to Puerto Rico, continues to be a second home to those who fled Maria, and continues to offer assistance as the island and its people slowly rebuild homes and lives. Sadly, President Trump has turned his back on millions of our fellow Americans, patting himself on the back for doing nothing, and refusing to acknowledge the 3,000 lives Maria took away. Now, with countless families still reeling days after Hurricane Florence, we must renew our focus on those still without life's basic necessities after one year in Puerto Rico.”