Governor Phil Murphy

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Statement of Peter G. Verniero


"Today my firm, Sills Cummis & Gross P.C., and I were asked by the Murphy Administration to undertake a systemic review of the hiring and vetting practices of the Governor-elect’s transition office, including the hiring and vetting of Mr. Albert J. Alvarez, regarding his position in the transition office and his eventual position at the New Jersey Schools Development Authority.

"Within that mandate, I have been assured that I will have complete independence to request interviews with whomever I deem appropriate as fact witnesses as well as access to relevant documents.   

"The Governor spoke with me today.  In our conversation, he asked that, after a thorough review, I provide his administration with a summary of the hiring and vetting practices, including any items for improvement or reform.

"I expect to complete this review by the end of year and to report my findings to the Administration."