Governor Phil Murphy

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Governor Murphy Urges Passage of $15 Minimum Wage Before End of Year


PARSIPPANY – As part of his ongoing commitment to building  a stronger and fairer New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy today toured Earth Friendly Products in Parsippany and expressed his support for a $15 minimum wage for all working New Jerseyans.

“A $15 minimum wage will not only lift up the current generation of New Jersey working families, but ensure fairness and opportunity for future generations,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “For the more than one million New Jersey workers who earn less than $15 an hour, the Legislature needs to act immediately to provide working families with the raise they need to live secure lives. A $15 minimum wage is integral to building a stronger and fairer New Jersey.”

Earth Friendly Products is a leader in the green cleaning industry, manufacturing environmentally friendly cleaning products. The company has operated in New Jersey for 30 years, with three other locations across the country. The Parsippany location has a footprint of 80,000 square feet and employs 40 people, who have earned a minimum wage of $17 per hour since 2014, along with additional benefits including health insurance, sick days, and parental leave.

“We’re honored that Governor Murphy chose our Parsippany facility to talk about the importance of raising the minimum wage in New Jersey,” said Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, president and CEO of Earth Friendly Products. “We’ve been manufacturing our ECOS laundry detergent and cleaners in New Jersey for 30 years, and we’ve found that paying a high minimum wage—currently $17 an hour—makes good business sense for us. Not only does it support our employees and stimulate the local economy, it’s an investment that gives us significant cost savings in reduced turnover costs and higher productivity.”

“I'm proud to have a forward-thinking company like Earth Friendly Products operating right here in Parsippany,” said Parsippany Mayor Michael Soriano. “More money in employees' pockets means more money being spent in Parsippany's restaurants and retail stores, boosting our local economy and contributing to a thriving small business culture. This rising tide will help lift all boats.”

Governor Murphy supports raising the minimum wage to $15 in order to grow and protect the middle class and working families and is a necessary step to building a stronger and fairer New Jersey.