Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation


TRENTON - Today, Governor Phil Murphy signed the following bills and resolutions into law:
SJR-93/AJR-180 (Lagana, Cunningham, Pou/Wimberly, Reynolds-Jackson, Quijano) Designates February 14 of each year as Frederick Douglass Day in NJ.

S-275/A-2142 (Kean, Cruz-Perez/Tully, Swain, Dancer) Provides resident tuition rate to certain non-resident dependent children of United States military personnel attending public institutions of higher education.

S-551/A-1057 (Codey, Bucco/Jasey, McKeon, Dunn) Permits appointment of nonresident municipal emergency management coordinators in municipalities with populations under 5,000 persons in certain circumstances.

S-699/A-5245 (Ruiz, Singleton/Sumter, Reynolds-Jackson, Stanley) Requires training for DOE arbitrators to include issues related to cultural diversity and bias.

S-1017/A-2562 (Gopal, Lagana/DeAngelo, Dancer, Chaparro) Provides retirement allowance after 20 years of service regardless of age for current members of PFRS who retire within two years.

S-1851/A-4407 (Ruiz, Cryan/Jasey, Moriarty) Eliminates eligibility of postsecondary students and other individuals for State student assistance, training, and employment services if school or training provider requires student to consent to arbitration agreement or proceeding or to waive certain rights.

S-2323/A-3869 (Gopal, Bucco/Armato, Vainieri Huttle, Verrelli) Requires opioid antidote prescriptions for certain patients.

S-2476/A-3998 (Singleton, Addiego/Murphy, Giblin, Verrelli) Concerns certain workers' compensation supplemental benefits for surviving dependents of essential employees who die in course of employment.

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S-2831/A-4783 (Ruiz, Beach/Quijano, Lampitt, Jasey) Requires DOE to establish Alternate Route Interstate Reciprocity Pilot Program

S-2973/A-4895 (Beach/Armato) Creates office of deputy superintendent of elections in counties of fifth class.

S-3004/A-4947 (Sarlo, Pou/Johnson, Wirths, Reynolds-Jackson) Establishes retroactive date for provisions of P.L.2018, c.165, which clarifies provisions of "Predatory Towing Prevention Act."
Governor Murphy vetoed the following bills:

S-347/A-1992 (Smith, Vitale/Stanley, Conaway, Houghtaling) - CONDITIONAL - Establishes "NJ One Health Task Force."

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S-619/A-1635 (O’Scanlon/Lampitt, Downey) - CONDITIONAL - Permits use of telemedicine and telehealth to authorize patients for medical cannabis and to issue written instructions for dispensing medical cannabis.

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S-2725/A-4473 (Gopal/Houghtaling, Downey) - CONDITIONAL - Concerns assessment of real property in counties operating under "Real Property Assessment Demonstration Program."

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